Deutsche Expands Investment Strategy Offering

November 15, 2006 ( - The asset management arm of Deutsche Bank is now offering institutional investors two long/short strategies in addition to its traditional long-only offerings.

According to a press release, the new long/short market neutral US equity strategy is designed to maintain approximately equal dollar amounts invested in long and short positions, to eliminate market exposure, and add returns of 8-10% before expenses above the Citigroup three-month US Treasury Bill Index.

The 120/20 long/short US Large-Cap strategies use the Russell 1000 Index investment universe and seek to minimize size, industry and style risk versus the benchmark. The strategies seek to add 4-6% excess return on top of their respective Russell 1000 benchmarks, before expenses. 

“These investment strategies allow us to remove the long-only constraint and take a strong view on stocks we don’t like,” said Janet Campagna, Global Head of Deutsche Asset Management’s Quantitative Strategies Group, in the release. “Loosening the constraints allows us to take a balanced and more diversified approach to consistent performance than traditional strategies, with the potential for greater excess returns with little incremental risk.”

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