Dietrich & Associates Helps Sponsors Keep Retiree Medical Coverage Promises

September 20, 2007 ( - Dietrich & Associates, Inc. has implemented a new program to help employers honor their retiree medical coverage commitments.

SecuredCare employs a Voluntary Employee Benefit Account (VEBA) to create significant tax advantages, according to a Dietrich & Associates press release.   A specialized lifetime group annuity is used to provide a guaranteed defined subsidy for the life of the participant (retiree and spouse).

Dietrich said this approach provides guaranteed access to group coverage at competitive rates.

The news release said other features of SecuredCare include:

  • Fully insured benefits,
  • Nationwide coverage,
  • Medicare Part D network of doctors and hospitals
  • Flexible benefit levels, and
  • Full prescription coverage.

For more Information, call 800-966-8376, extension 11.