DIETRICH Introduces DC Plan Annuity Practice

The firm is anticipating passage of the SECURE Act, which offers an annuity selection safe harbor for defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors.

Anticipating passage of the SECURE Act and that its provisions regarding lifetime income products in retirement plans will lead to more defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors offering them, DIETRICH introduced its new defined contribution retirement income annuity practice: ANNUA.

“ANNUA is challenging the status quo around retirement savings by helping pioneer lifetime income features within 401(k)/403(b) plans at a time when participants are experiencing insufficient account balances and disappearing pensions,” the firm says. ANNUA says it will transform these plans into an investment vehicle that promotes both asset accumulation and guaranteed income for life. 

Backed by almost 40 years of experience through DIETRICH’s tenure in the retirement annuity market, ANNUA’s goal is to be recognized as the preeminent, independent thought leader with insured lifetime income options for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)-covered retirement plan market.

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