DoctorGlobe Offers Health Care Shopping Platform

The firm has released a white paper describing how the solution helps employers curb health care costs.

DoctorGlobe, a U.S. domestic hospital-shopping interactive platform, has released a white paper to assist employee benefit managers and providers, “How Employers Can Inspire Plan Participants to Find Better Care for Less.”

Authored by Tibi Zohar, co-founder and CEO of DoctorGlobe, the paper outlines how the company’s proprietary algorithm—ranking more than 120 surgery procedures across more than 2,800 hospitals nationwide—helps self-insured plan sponsors, brokers and benefits consultants, third-party administrators, stop-loss insurance carriers, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) groups and labor unions, curb health care costs.                        

“DoctorGlobe overcomes the lack of price transparency in health care, and unleashes 21st Century tools to engage plan participants in a rewarding health care shopping experience,” Zohar says. “Accessing the most cost-efficient hospitals, wherever they are located, stimulates the online shopping appetite and turns plan participants into seasoned health care consumers. With a focus on choice, flexibility and affordability, self-insured employers and plan sponsors save money, while providing their employees and plan participants access to the best care.”

DoctorGlobe’s bonus-incentive strategy replaces the traditional approach by waiving out-of-pocket costs for the plan participant, and providing a cash award as a part of the corporate savings. The smart employee incentive plan is wrapped and delivered to the patient by an “online consumer-friendly Web 2.0 platform.”

The solution finds and ranks hospitals based upon distance, cost and quality across the country, offering plan sponsors the choice to work within their provider network, with out-of-network providers, or both.  Employers also have the option to choose any combination of a percent of whatever savings the solution creates and a flat fee based on a per-employee per-month charge.

The white paper is here.

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