DoL Accepting Nominations for ERISA Advisory Council

August 10, 2001 ( - The Department of Labor is accepting nominations to fill five three-year vacancies on the Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans.

The bipartisan council, known as the ERISA Advisory Council, has 15 members appointed by the Secretary of Labor, representing different interests in the employee benefits arena.

The council makes recommendations on policy affecting the administration of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and advises the secretary on implementing those recommendations.

Appointments are for three years. The Advisory Council has a statutory requirement for the full council to meet at a minimum of four times a year. Working groups, established yearly, generally meet several more times.

Interested persons or organizations may nominate qualified persons for membership. Recommendations must be submitted by letter, resolution or petition and signed by the person or, in the case of an organizational nomination, by the group?s representative making the recommendation.

The nomination should briefly describe the candidate?s qualifications, the group or field the candidate would best represent, the candidate?s political party affiliation and availability to serve. (ERISA mandates that no more than eight members may represent one political party.)

Nominations should be submitted by October 1 to;

Sharon Morrissey, executive secretary of the ERISA Advisory Council, Room N-5677, U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20210.

Calls regarding the openings may also be forwarded to Ms. Morrissey at (202) 219-8921.

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