E-Duction to Extend Interest-Free Payment Period for Urgent Health Costs

September 16, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - E-Duction Inc., which provides the financial program CLEAR, is offering employees of companies who use the program interest-free payment periods of six months for urgent health-care costs.

Under the new Budget Plan part of CLEAR, employees can now pay for larger medical, dental, or vision expenses over the course of six months, interest free.¬†Automotive or tuition costs can also garner the six-month interest-free plan. The payments can be automatically deducted from an employee’s paycheck.

CLEAR is accessed in the form of a credit card and offers interest-free purchasing for two months all purchases, except in the case of urgent health care and automotive or tuition costs.

“The CLEAR Budgeting Plan allows workers to focus on being productive instead of worrying about their personal finances, and avoid the hassle and expense of payday loans or 401(k) borrowing,” said Kirk Watkins, CEO of E-Duction, in a press release. “CLEAR and other no/low cost benefits are appealing to human resources professionals as vital tools for attracting, retaining and compensating employees.”