EBSA Announces Leadership Appointments

November 7, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Phyllis C. Borzi, assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), announced five appointments to Senior Executive Service positions within the agency. 
The following have been appointed to Senior Executive Service positions:

 •  Joe Canary has been appointed director, Office of Regulations and Interpretations. Canary served in the department’s Office of the Solicitor from 1991-1994. He briefly worked in the private sector and returned to the department in EBSA’s Office of Regulations and Interpretations in 1995. Since 2006, Canary served as deputy director of Office of Regulations and Interpretations. Prior to his selection, he was chief of the Division of Coverage, Reporting and Disclosure within the Office of Regulations and Interpretations. 

•  Mabel Capolongo was appointed director, Office of Enforcement. Capolongo has been with the department since May 1979 and has served as director of EBSA’s Philadelphia Regional Office since January 1998. She served as the district supervisor of the Washington District Office and prior to that, as a senior investigator and as an auditor. Capolongo has spent her entire career with the department, specifically EBSA and its predecessor agencies. 

•  Isabel Colon has been appointed regional director, Atlanta Regional Office. Colon has been with the department since June 1997 and served as deputy director of EBSA’s Atlanta Regional Office since February 2010.  From July 2003 through February 2010, she served as the district supervisor of EBSA’s Miami District Office. Colon worked for the Internal Revenue Service prior to joining EBSA.

•  Susan Hensley was named regional director, Boston Regional Office. Hensley has been with the department since January 1991 and served as deputy director of EBSA’s Dallas Regional Office since January 2006. Additionally, Hensley has served as a supervisory investigator in both the Los Angeles and Dallas regional offices. 

•  Jim Purcell was appointed regional director, Kansas City Regional Office. Purcell started with EBSA in January 1989 as an auditor in the St. Louis District Office. He has worked in the Kansas City Regional Office as a senior investigator, supervisory investigator, and regional criminal coordinator. Since May 2007, he has served as the deputy regional director of the Kansas City Regional Office.