Education Campaign Available for 401(k) Day

September 6, 2012 ( – Traditionally, 401(k) Day has been the Friday following Labor Day.

However, the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA) is deemphasizing celebrating 401(k) Day on any specific day and encouraging retirement plan sponsors to make every day ‘401(k) Day.’  The PSCA is offering educational campaign materials to help plan sponsors reframe retirement and make it more relevant to their employees. Materials are also available in 403(b) versions.  

This year the annual campaign is actually two campaigns.  First, new posters/post cards/flyers complete last year’s food campaign by adding a dessert course, with mouth-watering and calorically pleasing visuals.  

The second theme is “Dream like a kid,” which uses nostalgic childhood-themed graphics to grab employees’ attention. The key messages provide information and education regarding saving for retirement in actionable terms using “retro images.”  These images are tied into three headlines: Do the Math; Pedal to the Medal; and Up, Up & Away!

Each theme includes:

  • An 11”x17” poster with the key messages tied to each theme;
  • A matching flyer; and
  • A 6”x 9” mailable postcard – with the ability to input your logo and contact information. 
To download the 2012 401(k)/403(b) Day campaign, go to