EEOC to Educate Small Businesses on ADA

April 3, 2002 ( - As part of the Bush administration's New Freedom Initiative, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has introduced a series of workshops.

The workshops which support the Administration’s initiative to curb unemployment among the disabled, will focus will on the advantages of hiring people with disabilities.  Topics to be addressed include:

  • permissible questions during job interviews,
  • reasonable accommodations,
  • recruitment resources, and
  • tax incentives

The program will target small business chambers of commerce, associations and development centers outside of major metropolitan areas.

Accomodation Information

The EEOC will also partner with the US Department of Justice to offer small businesses information on the Americans with Disabilities Act relating to Title III, which covers public accommodations and commercial facilities.

The New Freedom Initiative aims to end the high unemployment among the disabled by, among other things,

  • facilitating compliance with the ADA
  • expanding telecommuting options
  • implementing the Ticket to Work/Work Incentives Improvement Act
  • making available assistive technologies, and
  • improving access to transportation

Visit the EEOC Web site at for more information