eHMO Closer to Rollout of New WHIP

June 14, 2001 ( - Application service provider eHMO, has established alliances that could lead to the completion of the first fully end-to-end, Web-based Healthcare Insurance Platform (WHIP).

In order to accelerate the rollout of the WHIP, alliances were formed with:

· SiberLink, an IT outsourcing company, which will assist in product development, customer support, and system maintenance,

· GlobalDesktop, an application service provider, which will host the ASP platform, and

· eSync Media, a technology development and design firm, which will assist in Web development.

The WHIP, accessible from any Internet connection, will electronically process all general and administrative insurance transactions live around the clock, including:

· enrollment

· eligibility

· member inquiry

· provider credentialing

· referral issuance

· procedure pre-authorization

· emergency services authorization

· claims adjudication, and

· payment processing.

Payors, providers, employers, brokers, and members will be able to manage health insurance transactions more effectively, cut costs and overhead, and take advantage of user-friendly service.