Employees Gamble at Work? You Bet!

March 1, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Sixty seven percent of employees surveyed admit to taking place in office betting pools, up from 61% last year, according to a survey from Vault, Inc.

Not surprisingly, Vault’s 2006 Office Betting Pools Survey found that the Super Bowl and the NFL regular season remain the most popular events for workplace pools, according to a news release. Sixty-five percent of those who participate in betting pools said they take part in the Superbowl pool and 61% said they take part in NFL regular season pools.

The next most popular betting pool was for March Madness, with 57% of those who take place in office betting pools participating, the release said. Other popular pools were pregnancy pools (19%), the Oscars (13%) and reality shows (12%).

Some unusual office betting pools the survey found were:

  • Betting on when an underperforming employee will be fired,
  • Betting on when the first day of snow will occur, and
  • Betting on which celebrities were the next likely to die.

There’s no harm done in gambling at work, right? A majority (80.5%) of respondents said employees do not take the possible illegality of pools seriously at all, and productivity is generally not suffering because of betting pools since 73.5% of pool participants spend only 5-10 minutes at the office making their picks and save further research to do at home. The survey of 328 employees across the US found that most companies (86%) do not have any company policy against betting pools that survey respondents are aware of.