Employees Join to Sue AT&T for Discrimination

November 29, 2001 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - About 150 AT&T employees are considering filing a discrimination lawsuit against the company, their lawyers say.

According to law firm Leeds, Morelli & Brown, over a third of the employees have already taken the first step towards a federal suit by lodging complaints with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The firm expects the remainder of the cases to be made this year.

Some potential plaintiffs claim that they were subjected to lewd advances and solicitations of sexual favors in exchange for advancement. Others claim failure to promote, disparity in pay, and failure to provide reasonable accommodations.

The potential plaintiffs include a female African American employee with multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea who claims she was refused reasonable accommodations.

Another potential plantiff is an Arab woman who was pushed into a locker by a co-worker, told that she is “not a real woman” and that she should take off her veil because “it looks ugly.”

The potential plantiffs are sales people, customer care representatives, and engineers. A quarter of them have been fired, the lawyers said.

– Camilla Klein                           editors@plansponsor.com