Employees' Poor Emotional Well-Being is Obstacle to Wellness Effort

August 17, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - According to a new report released by ComPsych Corporation, the state of many employees' emotional health likely will not support healthy lifestyle changes.

Aggregate data from health risk assessments across ComPsych’s customer base show stress, anxiety, depression and poor social support may be hampering employees’ efforts to achieve wellness goals.  

Key findings of the report show: 

•  40% say an emotional or physical health problem has interfered with normal activities with family, friends, neighbors or groups.  

•  36% say they are tense or anxious most of the time. 

•  43% did not receive good support from friends and family in the past six months.  

•  21% said they have felt down, depressed or hopeless in the past month.  

•  34% of employees said they consume one or less fruits and vegetables each day.  

•  23% admit to binge drinking within the past six months. 

•  Only 16% get enough sleep.  

For a copy of the full report, including key recommendations for employer-based wellness programs, go to http://bit.ly/CPwellness.