Employers Use Email and Intranet to Foster Productivity

August 3, 2010 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - The most common communication vehicles organizations use to engage employees and foster productivity are email (83%) and an organization’s Intranet (75%), according to a new survey released by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Research Foundation and Buck Consultants.

The “Employee Engagement Survey” also found nearly half of employers currently communicate through Facebook, instant messaging, and Twitter.  

A press release said increasing productivity (66%) and retaining top talent (65%) are the most important goals employers cite to keep employees engaged. Other important goals identified by survey respondents are increasing employee morale (59%) and creating a new culture or work environment (52%).   

Publishing a formal list of values (74%) and using exit interviews with managers (73%) are the top practices of survey respondents to sustain an engaging work culture. Other practices include regularly surveying the workforce on engagement and work satisfaction (60%), including material on the organization’s culture in new hire orientation (56%), and involving senior leadership in orientation programs (54%).  

According to the press release, formal or informal employee feedback (77%) is the number one way that organizations measure the effectiveness of their employee engagement strategies. Other methods include meeting annual company performance goals (48%) and measuring employee retention rates (42%).   

The survey also found most top executives do not participate in internal (60%) or external (62%) social media. Fewer than half the organizations surveyed have policies in place to address employee use of internal and external social media, and approximately half the organizations surveyed do not measure the effectiveness of internal and external social media.   

The survey report can be downloaded from here.