EPIC to Offer Morningstar Advice, Guidance

July 8, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Sponsors of plans from EPIC Advisors Inc., will soon have the option of providing participants with guidance or advice provided by Morningstar Associates.

According to a Morningstar news release, EPIC Advisors will offer online guidance to all of the participants of its US-based plan sponsor clients. In addition, EPIC will offer online advice on a plan-by-plan basis to those sponsors who want to make available specific investment recommendations.

The guidance version of Morningstar ClearFuture helps participants choose the proper mix of investments at the sub-asset-class level (for example, large cap stocks) to enable them to make better investment decisions about their plan account balances.

When a plan sponsor selects the advice version of Morningstar ClearFuture, its participants can generate specific recommendations to help them build a diversified portfolio. Both the guidance and advice services use an ‘bear market’ simulator to test participant risk tolerance, and both offer a personalized, goals-based approach to retirement planning that allows the individual to take into account his or her entire portfolio, including non-retirement assets.