Ethics More Important in Post-Enron Hiring Process

May 21, 2002 ( - Ethical behavior and responsive management are key issues for New York-area hiring managers and job seekers in the post-Enron era, according to the latest New York Times Job Market survey.

According to the survey by the newspaper’s recruitment section, hiring managers are more likely to emphasize and job seekers are looking for the following organizational characteristics:

  • 58% of hiring managers and 46% of job seekers mentioned organizational ethics,
  • 56% of hiring managers and 41% of job seekers listed organizational rules of conduct,
  • 55% of managers and 38% of job seekers listed a candidate’s ethics,
  • 52% of managers and 50% of applicants hoped for consistent employee communications, and
  • 62% of managers and 46% of job seekers listed workers’ ability to access management with concerns or questions.

Loyalty and Ethics

On a related issue, 83% of job seekers and 80% of hiring managers say employee loyalty is affected by an organization’s ethics. And 31% of job seekers, but only 5% of hiring managers, say they know of or suspect ethical violations at their organizations during the past year.

Enron has also affected applicants’ general outlook with 42% saying they are now more cynical about corporate America.

Meanwhile, 80% of applicants and 58% of managers say job applicants who are accountants are now perceived differently than before the scandal.