E*TRADE Joins Rollover Network

August 20, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - E*TRADE Financial has signed an agreement with Wealth Management Systems, Inc. (WMSI), to use WMSI's Rollover Solutions Network (RSN).

With the inclusion of RSN in E*TRADE’s system, a press release from WMSI stated,    investors will now be able to process their retirement plan distribution and gain access to E*TRADE’s IRA offering. They will also be able to open a rollover IRA account at E*TRADE.

The Rollover Solutions Network, an electronic interface between employer-sponsored retirement plans and retail brokerage accounts, allows participants to access information about Rollover IRAs, automate the distribution process, and open a new Rollover account over the Internet with financial service firms.  The company’s IRA Rollover Solutions Network is currently processing distributions and rollovers through Participant Web andapplications across multiple recordkeeping systems, including  T. Rowe Price ExpertPlan , Bisys, and  Merrill Lynch .

Additional information about WMSI is available at www.wealthmsi.com

– Kip McDaniel

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