2018 HSA Conference

In light of rising medical costs, health savings accounts (HSAs) have experienced significant asset growth and wide adoption nationally. These programs have entered the spotlight for their triple-tax-advantaged status and flexibility as both a short-term and long-term savings vehicle. Employers are adding them, in combination with a high-deductible health plan, as part of an overall benefits program. Advisers and other financial professionals, too, are including HSA guidance when talking with employees and clients about how to save for retirement health care costs, and are aiding in the selection and monitoring of HSA investments when investing is an option. To help employees understand the accounts’ benefits, it is important for employers and financial professionals to understand the benefits themselves. 

Building on the success of our half-day “HSA Essentials” event in June preceding the 2018 PLANSPONSOR National Conference, we are pleased to launch a one-day conference focused on offering insights to all of those working with HSAs or wondering how to offer them.

The conference agenda will encompass multiple aspects of these accounts, to help employers and advisers best oversee and support them. Topics to be discussed include: current and proposed laws and regulations for HSAs; how HSAs operate; best practices in HSA provider selection and ongoing administration; and how investing HSA assets can increase the potential for long-term savings.

Join us Tuesday, October 2nd at The Harvard Club in New York City!

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