Executives Not Fully Disconnected on Vacation

July 30, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Nearly 80% of executives said they would take a vacation this year and 34.6% said they would check in at least once with the office during that time, according to a recent survey from TheLadders.com.

According to the survey, 78.9% of executives plan to take vacation and nearly as many (75.4%) say that taking vacation will have no affect on their chances for job success. Instead about 72% said that taking a vacation helps them regain their focus at work.

In terms of completely severing their ties to the workplace when on vacation, more than half (51%) of executives said they would check in a few times to make sure “things are running smoothly.”

More than two-thirds (36.4%) said they would have their laptops and BlackBerries ready if there were a work emergency, and about the same proportion (33.1%) said they never leave work without them.