Falling Asleep Ranks as Most Common Workplace Taboo

August 30, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Falling asleep is the most common taboo workers commit at work, followed by kissing a co-worker and drinking on the job, a recent survey found.

The survey of about 5,700 employees by CareerBuilder.com asked workers to select the workplace taboos in which they had taken part. The results were:

  • Falling asleep, 45%;
  • Kissing a co-worker, 39%;
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages while on the job, 21%;
  • Stealing from the office, 22%;
  • Spreading a rumor about a co-worker, 22%;
  • Snooping after hours, 18%;
  • Lying about an academic background, 4%; and
  • Taking credit for someone else’s work, 2%.

Men admit to engaging in all of these workplace taboos more than women, with nearly half (49%) of men having fallen asleep on the job compared to 35% of women. When it comes to kissing co-workers, 44% of men and 34% of women admitted to kissing a co-worker.