FedEx Sued for Male-on-Male Harassment

October 1, 2004 ( - Allegations that FedEx allowed a male employee to verbally and physically harass other male workers has drawn a government discrimination lawsuit against the package delivery service.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleged that the sexual harassment took place at a FedEx facility in Kankakee, Illinois that employed about 30 workers, according to news reports.

The suit also charges that the company retaliated against a courier who repeatedly complained to management by cutting his hours. EEOC officials said the harassment continued for at least three years before the harasser was fired for assaulting an employee.

“One of the striking things revealed by our investigation was that one of the harassment victims complained not just once, but repeatedly, and FedEx’s response was negative,” said John Rowe, director of the EEOC’s Chicago district office.