Fidelity Launches Revamped Web Site

October 12, 2004 ( - Fidelity Investments has announced the launch of an updated version of its participant Web site, NetBenefits.

The new site, Fidelity asserted in a press release, was created with the goal of producing a more personalized client portal that provides individual benefit information. The company says that the new service will help their clients use, manage, view, and analyze their workplace benefits.

The updated site will attempt to group all benefits, from health to payroll services, under one portal that is accessible from a single log-in.

The retooled site has regrouped multiple account tools under a larger umbrella heading of ‘Total Retirement focus’. Accounts, Pensions, and Planning tabs have all been reorganized under the ‘Savings and Retirement’ tab on the Web site. The new portal will attempt to offer information on all three issues from this one tab. It also aims to allow participants to manage their portfolio.

The Web site also offers the Fidelity Retirement Income Advantage, a program designed to help employees make the transition from retirement planning to living in retirement through the use of guidance tools. The tools include retirement investment assessments (which aim to tell employees how on track they are for retirement savings), income estimators, and retirement income planners, which help develop plans for retirement.

NetBenefits will also offer a new health care portal, the Health Management Center, provided by WebMD. It is designed to help employees manage rising health care costs by providing tools that disseminate information on how to plan properly and make informed decisions, according to the release.

Fidelity Investments ( ), through its subsidiary Fidelity Employer Services Company, provides benefits and human resource administration, along with payroll and stock plan services.   It services over 18 million employees in the US.