Fidelity Offers Financial Education and Tools

December 10, 2009 ( – Fidelity Investments announced recent additions to its offering of financial guidance and tools for investors.

Fidelity said it recognizes that financial needs often reflect an investor’s life stage and can range from topics that include taxes, investment risk, and how to get started, so it has launched broad guidance content on

In addition, Fidelity recently launched a Roth Conversion Evaluator to help investors consider if converting all or a portion of their retirement assets to a Roth IRA may be appropriate within the context of their overall retirement plan (see Fidelity Adds Roth Conversion Resources).

According to the announcement, Fidelity’s Portfolio Review can help customers determine an appropriate target asset mix and investment options based on their investing goals, risk tolerance, and anticipated retirement dates. The company said later this month it will launch new Portfolio Review functionality that allows users to preserve certain investments within their portfolios (e.g., individual stocks or mutual funds) while reviewing asset allocation.

The Portfolio Review is at