Fiduciary Adviser Unveils Training Program

December 3, 2010 ( – Fiduciary adviser Roland|Criss has launched the Stewardship Development Center (SDC) to train fiduciary leaders and their teams.

According to a news release, starting December 9, Roland|Criss will offer the SDC training to pension plan sponsors, endowments, and foundations to lead them to an in-depth understanding of how fiduciary laws shape the practices they should be using.

The news release said each three and one half hour seminar will be led by an accredited industry expert, and will include a breakdown of key fiduciary concepts, an explanation of the role of related tools, and the development of tactical skills required for fiduciary success. For some courses, HR, legal and/or accounting continuing education credits will be offered to attendees.

Ronald E. Hagan, President, and CEO of Roland|Criss, a member of the SDC’s faculty, will participate in the SDC’s training of boards of directors, trustees, investment committees, and executives for finance and human resources that oversee pensions’ and foundations’ investible assets. The SDC’s strategic direction is led by Hagan and Ron W. Hagan, who is Roland|Criss’ Executive Vice President.

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