Finance Professionals Looking To Make A Change

December 14, 2000 ( - Nearly half (41%) of finance and accounting professionals are likely to be job shopping within five years, despite satisfaction with their current jobs, loyalty to their employers and above-average annual incomes.

When asked what job or career change they would make, the top response was to become self-employed or a business owner, according to the survey commissioned by Kelly Financial Resources.

Most identify strongly with their profession (75%), not their employers according to respondents.

Over half (61%) say training is important to career advancement, with a majority interested in training in computers and technology. Over a third (37%) say they get that training on their own time, rather than at the workplace.

Looking Elsewhere

Over three-quarters (77%) said they could find another job with better pay and benefits in less than a year.

And while 76% view their work as a career, fully 24% say they don’t expect to retire from a position in the finance or accounting field.

Men were nearly twice as likely as women to hold management positions and in private industry represent 58% employment to women’s 17%.

This survey was conducted via telephone in the United States across a nationwide sample of 1,083 finance and accounting professionals.