Finance Workers Sport More Frowns

February 10, 2005 ( - Job migration among finance professionals during 2005 could be brisk, according to a recent survey by

In fact, according to a SmartPros report, four in 10 finance workers want to be working somewhere else by the time 2006 dawns, a recent survey by jobs Web site found.

Dissatisfied with pay, workload and management, 10% of finance workers said they are looking for a new job on a weekly basis. Nearly half (48%) said their beefs were about pay. Two-third of the respondents said they did not receive a bonus in 2004 and more than one-third did not receive a raise. Of those who did receive a bump in salary, 36% report an increase of 3% or less.

In light of new corporate governance standards, 62% of finance workers indicated that their workloads had increased in the last six months with one-half describing their current workloads as too heavy. Nearly half said they worked extra hours and that they no longer look forward to coming to work. Some finance workers feel the leaders of their organization are falling short in providing an overall positive work experience. Twenty-nine percent say they are unhappy with the performance of their corporate leaders and 27% are dissatisfied with their boss or supervisor.

A third of finance workers report being overlooked for promotion. Thirty-three percent say they are dissatisfied with the opportunities for career advancement at their current employers and 28% feel there are ways for them to acquire new skills.

The survey was conducted from November 22, 2004 to December 2, 2004 of 100 finance workers.