Financial Engines Unveils Targeted Advice Modules

September 3, 2002 ( - Online advice provider Financial Engines (FE) is providing financial advisors with focused advice modules allowing the advisor to more easily provide a recommended plan to handle a client's specific financial need.

According to a product announcement from the Palo Alto, California-based provider, its Quick Solve Solutions modules help advisors then implement the recommended with a single mouse click.

FE said the new modules include:

  • the IRA Rollover QuickSolve, which produces a personalized plan for funds to be rolled over from a retirement savings program.
  • the New Money QuickSolve, which is aimed at investing a lump sum of new money
  • the Rebalance QuickSolve facilitates an advisor review about which client portfolios need to be rebalanced.  

Because QuickSolve Solutions are modular, FE said financial institutions can add them as their business needs grow.