Financial Sites Prove Addictive Destinations

February 27, 2002 ( - Plan sponsors who fear that participants don't use the portals provided by their retirement plans can put some of those fears to rest - financial Web sites are the most addictive online destinations, according to Nielsen//NetRatings, an Internet audience measurement service.

In January, more than 44% of the active Web population visited a finance Web site, attracting nearly 51.6 million unique visitors.

According to the group’s data,

  • on average, surfers spent more than 21.33 minutes browsing finance and investment sites
  • news and information sites logged 15.47 minutes per user
  • family and lifestyle sites saw their average sessions last 14.32 minutes

The majority, 53%, of visitors to financial sites were male, 47% were female.

According to Nielson, Financial Web sites with transactional capabilities, such as online trading and banking sites, led the way as the stickiest finance and investment destinations, capturing the majority of online time.