Finding, Keeping Workers Still #1 HR Concern

October 31, 2000 ( - While higher level strategic responsibilities are being added to the HR professional's job, over half (56.7%) still cite retention and recruitment as their number one challenge - up from 52% last year, according to a new survey.

The RewardsPlus survey also found that more than 16% say their largest professional challenge is management of corporate growth and change, while 11.5% say employee motivation is their top challenge.

Over half (55.6%) of human resource executives say that the biggest technology challenge is picking the right technology to keep up with their expanding responsibilities.  However, less than a quarter (21.4%) of respondents to the RewardsPlus survey are concerned about the cost of that technology.

Just 9.5% were concerned about using new technology, while only 4.2% were concerned that HR would be overlooked in making new technology purchases.

The RewardsPlus survey canvassed 291 top human resource/benefits executives.