Firm Announces Guest Worker Health Care Proposal

March 31, 2006 ( - A San Diego firm announced that it has finished a "working model" of a health care plan aimed at guest workers from Mexico.

The news release from Sekure Healthcare said its Guest Worker Care PPO Plan makes use of a new employee benefits trend known as “transportability.” This concept allows future Mexican guest workers to receive health care benefits in the US, while simultaneously providing health care benefits to eligible family dependents inMexico. Sekure Healthcare said it has a large US provider network as well as providers in more than 140 cities in Mexico.

With the proposed federal legislation on the guest worker program requiring the guest worker to return to his or her home country after a certain period of time, the announcement said that the new offering allows future guest workers to build up a reserve of health care coverage credit during their US employment, which can be used upon their return to Mexico.

Employers can combine Sekure Healthcare’s medical savings program with a limited benefits health insurance plan. This combination employee benefit package offers workers and their families essential health care coverage in theUS and in Mexico, Sekure said.

While HMO coverage inCalifornia for a family now exceeds $800 a month, Sekure Healthcare’s medical savings program, coupled with a limited benefit insurance plan, starts at less than $200 a month for a worker and his or her family, the company said.

Sekure Healthcare is now offering this option to employer groups inCalifornia. More information is at .