Firm Launches Pension Risk Assessment Tool

November 28, 2012 ( – Rocaton Investment Advisors LLC  rolled out PlanRisk, an online pension risk assessment tool for corporate plan sponsors.

The free resource gives corporate plan sponsors and stakeholders the ability to assess their plan’s funded status risk ranking versus industry peers, similar size plans and a universe of entities filing Form 5500. Users can also identify the sources of funded status risk, including equity risk and interest rate risk, contributing to the total funded status ranking, as well as narrow the comparison to cash balance plans, open/closed/frozen plans, etc.

The data aims to help investors answer questions such as:

  • How does my funded status risk compare with my peers’ funded status risk?
  • What are the key factors driving my plan’s funded status risk?
  • How will a change in asset allocation impact my funded status ranking and risk attribution? and
  • How did different asset allocation strategies perform historically—and what was the volatility—on both an asset-only basis and relative to a liability benchmark?

More information is at