Firm Unveils Turnkey Asset Management System

March 25, 2009 ( - FolioDynamix, a New York provider of unified managed accounts technology and wealth management services, has unveiled its unbundled turnkey asset management program with the addition of its Principled Portfolio Solutions (PPS) discretionary investment management program.

According to a news release, the new offering allows advisers to have the efficiencies of a turnkey solution, but also be able to decide which elements of the investment process they want to retain as part of the adviser-client relationship.

The company said its FDx Advisors offers three levels of the new program. Advisers communicate portfolio management needs to FDx Advisors through the client investment policy.

Multiple investment programs can co-exist on the FDx platform to facilitate adviser choice and recruiting. Sponsors get the scale benefit of having all their programs on one technology platform and advisers get program choice with practice management efficiencies.

The company said its Principled Portfolio Solutions principles apply whether the investment program is a basic mutual fund wrap, a model based unified managed account, or a unified managed household. Client portfolios are diversified by asset class and strategy using multi-manager portfolio construction and systematic oversight of the managers.