Firms Announce Absence Mgt. Services Package

July 19, 2007 ( - ACS and its human resources consulting subsidiary, Buck Consultants, have unveiled Absence & Productivity Solutions - a set of absence management consulting and administrative services.

A news release said the services are aimed at helping employers manage their health care and disability costs, comply with the myriad of regulatory mandates, and improve the health and productivity of their workforce.

The companies will help clients address the rising costs associated with managing absenteeism and lost productivity and analyze root causes of deteriorating health among their workers, according to the statement.

“Most employers struggle with absenteeism because business objectives simply can’t be met if employees aren’t at work,” said Ophelia Galindo, principal, who leads the Absence & Productivity consulting practice, in the news release. “Balance is key to the solutions we provide. A well-run time-off program is a balance of program design, administration, and case management.”

Buck’s services include plan design reviews, disability and clinical health management assessments, compliance assessments, vendor management improvement, return-to-work program audits, and advocacy programs to get employees back to work sooner.