Fixed Income Shines in Q3

December 7, 2001 ( - Fixed-income products were especially stellar performers during the third quarter, while equity managers' returns got unmercifully pounded, according to data from Nelson Information.

The International Fixed-Income (Global ex-U.S. Mandates) category averaged the best returns for the quarter ending September 30, with a mean return of 5.54%. Strong Capital Management won the top spot, with quarterly performance of 9.98% for its International Fixed Income product.

Meanwhile, equity managers, suffered through a terrible few months with the average portfolio in the U.S. Value Equity category down 11.98%. The average portfolio in the U.S. Growth Equity category plummeted an average of 20.57%.

Nelson tracks 40 institutional investment styles in its quarterly publication “World’s Best Money Managers.’

The rankings cover the quarterly, one-, three-, five- and ten-year performance of the top performing investment products for 1,500 money managers and 6,000 investment products.