A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Boston, Massachusetts, prosecutors say a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority driver reported a man pulled him out of his trolley and punched him repeatedly. The attacker wore a mask and carried a plastic pumpkin. According to the Associated Press, authorities say they lifted fingerprints from the pumpkin left behind at the scene to find the man. However, the man said the trolley driver paid him $2,000 to attack him while wearing a Halloween mask so the driver could fraudulently collect workers’ compensation and disability insurance. A Suffolk County grand jury indicted the driver on charges of insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, misleading a police investigation and perjury.


In Little Rock, Arkansas, a man who performs shows as the late superstar Elvis A. Presley is now filed to run as the Libertarian nominee challenging Arkansas Republican Rep. Rick Crawford. The man’s name—Elvis D. Presley.


In Oaxaca, Mexico, an interesting marriage ceremony took place. All the grooms were trees; the brides are all activists. The mass marriage was meant to draw attention to illegal logging, a serious problem in Mexico, where one-third of the land area is covered by forest, U.K.’s Metro reports.


In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, judges, sheriff deputies and court clerks showed up for a Forsyth County court session Monday, but no jurors did. The Winston-Salem Journal reports the county failed to mail notices to the 1,700 or so prospective jurors needed to hear cases this week. After no one showed up for jury duty Monday, Forsyth County officials made a plea through a local television station for volunteers, but only 19 people showed up Tuesday. One judge in the county of 370,000 residents even sent deputies to a mall to seek volunteers, but found no other takers. Trials were postponed until next week.


In Peoria, Arizona, police officers were called to a gas station for possible shoplifting last Friday. Authorities say as officers arrived, the suspects took off running. The pair ran along the side of a building and jumped a fence—landing in a secure parking lot of a police station and quickly into custody.
Wonder who was more afraid, the man or the bear?

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I dare you to not say “Awwwww” when you see this one.

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A marriage proposal on Mario Maker?

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