A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In North Tonawanda, New York, a man sponsored a $50,000 Super Bowl pool and put fake names in some of the squares hoping to win himself. However, that didn’t work and he found himself short of money to pay winners. So, what did he do? He staged his own kidnapping. Police were called by someone who said they saw him tied up in the back of a pickup truck. He claimed two people to whom he owed money kidnapped him for three days, took $16,000 from him and left him there. However, police said they were suspicious because the man didn’t show any signs of being upset and was very well-groomed.


An experience in Georgia, gives us all a lesson about reading the fine print. A teacher there read the fine print in a travel insurance policy she recently purchased and won $10,000. St. Petersburg-based Squaremouth says it launched the secret contest February 11. Buried in the fine print was a promise of $10,000 for the first person to send an email to a specific address. Squaremouth says it’s giving another $10,000 to a children’s literacy charity, plus $5,000 each to the two schools where the winner teaches consumer economics. The teacher says the prize will fund a trip to Scotland with her husband to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.


In Silver Spring, Maryland, a pickup truck smashed backwards through a 7-11 storefront, then three masked men climbed over the debris and tried to load an ATM onto a hand truck they brought with them. They struggled with the ATM, and one suspect appeared less than helpful, drawing a punch in the arm from his partner, a video shows, according to station WTOP. They finally got the ATM out the door, but it fell off the hand truck onto one of the suspects. They also realized their get-away driver left them. So, they ran, but returned to get their hand truck.
If you must plow the snow, do so with pizzazz.

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Girl has a theory about how to grow a burger tree.

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A trick football catch.

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