A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In San Francisco, self-driving cars are causing road rage. The Los Angeles Times reports that a vehicle operated by General Motors’ Cruise driverless car division was waiting at a green light for pedestrians to cross when a shouting man ran across the street against the do-not-walk signal and struck its bumper and hatch, damaging a taillight. The car was in autonomous mode but a driver was behind the wheel. In a separate incident, another GM autonomous vehicle with a human driving had stopped behind a taxi when the taxi driver got out and slapped the front passenger-side window.


In Columbia, Maryland, a church used an unorthodox way to attract new members. The Washington Post reported that the church gave away the cars to increase attendance at its new location. It was the first Sunday at a building in a strip mall for the seven-year-old nondenominational church. Pastor Stephen Chandler said the predominantly African-American church normally draws up to 1,100 people. This week, the church gave away 2,250 tickets in advance of three services.


In New York City, Hunter College has filed a lawsuit against a 32-year-old woman, saying she owes more than $94,000 in unpaid residence hall fees since she dropped out in 2016. According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit says the woman was denied summer housing in 2016. She remained in her dorm, despite the school sending several notices that she would be charged $150 a day if she stayed. She was issued a 30-day eviction notice in September 2017, but refused to leave, prompting the school to file its lawsuit. The woman, a former geography major, says she plans to stay and fight the case.


In Gloucester County, New Jersey, a man unsuccessfully challenged a $1,635 Uber ride that he ordered while into.xicated. NJ.com reported that the man thought he was taking an Uber to where he was staying near the West Virginia University campus. When his driver woke him up two hours into the more than 300-mile journey to the man’s home in New Jersey, the man says he didn’t know what was happening or who the driver was.
With her dance moves, this little girl should be the new team mascot.

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The dangers of virtual reality devices.

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African children hear the fiddle for the first time—and LOVE it!

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