Friday Files – February 21, 2020

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Stages of eating ice cream, secret life of pets, upping the dad game, and more.

What would you think if you logged on to your financial account and saw a zero balance? If you have a retirement or other account with Fidelity Investments, you may have been one of those who panicked Wednesday when its website said you had $0 in your account—or had no account at all. Multiple news reports say Fidelity reported technical issues which are resolved now.

In Croydon, New Hampshire, the town board voted to eliminate its one-man police department and move to 100% coverage by the New Hampshire State Police. The police chief, who was at the meeting, was told to turn in the key to his cruiser, his guns and his uniform immediately. According to the Associated Press, he went into an office he shared with town officials and took off his clothes before the board chairman. He said that as he took off his clothes, the board chairman said he didn’t have to do that. But the police chief said those were the orders. He didn’t have spare clothes or a ride home. He walked nearly a mile in a snowstorm before his wife picked him up.

In Bern, Switzerland, Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga is turning 60 on May 14 and has invited all Swiss citizens who share her birthday to her party. The AFP says there were 94,372 births in Switzerland in 1960—the year Sommaruga was born—meaning that the average maximum number of invitees would be around 258. Prospective celebrants must submit a copy of their passport through the presidency website. The location of the party is not being disclosed publicly.

In Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, a 68-year-old man is facing a host of criminal charges as police say he was under the influence while trying to flee from them. The police chase took a while because police say the suspect was driving so slowly. According to police court testimony, the man was driving while high on marijuana and kept driving for 15 miles with seven police cars involved before he was halted with stop sticks deployed on the roadway. According to the local NBC News station, police say after the man was stopped, he said “all this for just a DUI and smoking a little marijuana. I hope you are happy with yourself.”

The stages of eating ice cream. If you can’t view the below video, try

The secret life of pets. If you can’t view the below video, try

This guy stepped up the dad game. If you can’t view the below video, try
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