ftwilliam.com Announces Release of 2006 Form 5500 Software

November 15, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Plan document and government forms software provider ftwilliam.com has announced the release of its 2006 Form 5500 software package.

In addition, the firm announced a release of an improved user interface that will no longer require Adobe Acrobat for data entry. The 2006 Form 5500 software package has received certification by the Department of Labor (DoL) efast program, the announcement said.

The 55Autofill feature, which allows users to download previous year information from the DoL database using the plan sponsor’s EIN, is again available in the 2006 software package. The package also features edit checking and context-sensitive help buttons.

Government forms from ftwilliam.com are delivered instantly to a user’s desktop in Adobe PDF format. Plan documents are delivered in word processing format.