Fund Firm Launches Three Asset Allocation Products

October 25, 2004 ( - HighMark Funds has unveiled three asset allocation funds: the Income Plus Allocation Fund, the Growth and Income Allocation Fund, and the Capital Growth Allocation Fund.

A HighMark news release said the new funds combine an active management approach in a “Dual Alpha” methodology that seeks to maximize results by taking advantage of two sources of excess return.   In addition, the funds provide access to leading investment management and a simplified administration process to better manage client assets, the company said.

The management of these new funds is headed by HighMark Chief Investment Officer – Equity David Goerz.   “These portfolios utilize a disciplined investment process that, we believe, adds value for our clients and results in a more intelligent, flexible way to manage money,” Goerz said in the statement.

HighMark Funds will promote the launch of these three new funds through a nationwide series of road shows, including a Due Diligence meeting on Friday, October 29 in San Francisco.   For further information on these events, as well as HighMark’s new asset allocation portfolios, call HighMark at 800-455-5609.