Gallagher Benefit Services Launches Health Reform Decision Tools

September 24, 2010 ( - Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. announced that its employee benefit consulting and brokerage operation, Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. (GBS), has launched a proprietary suite of tools as part of its Healthcare Reform consulting methodology.

GBS’ Integrated Benefit Management methodology leverages interactive tools in a three-step process to manage the financial, strategic and operational impact of health care reform to an organization and its employees, according to a press release.   

The tools include: 

  • HCR Planner is an interactive tool that enables employers to identify provisions of health care reform that will apply specifically to their organization, document any gaps between currently offered benefits and the new legal requirements, and determine next steps in plotting the organization’s response to the new law. 
  • APEX.HRM (Health Risk Model) is a predictive modeling tool that helps organizations understand the financial impact of federally mandated health plan changes to their existing plans, such as elimination of lifetime and annual dollar maximums, and elimination of cost-sharing for preventive services (for non-grandfathered plans). 
  • HCR Financial Outlook is a comprehensive statistical modeling tool that projects the range of financial impact an employer may anticipate in the year 2014 and beyond based upon employer and individual mandates. This tool runs a high number of simulations to arrive at statistically probable financial scenarios that serve as a valid basis for strategic planning. 

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