Golden Retirement Unveils New Annuity

March 17, 2003 ( - Golden Retirement Resources, Inc. (GRR) has a new entrant in the annuity arena.

GRR said its Flexible Benefits Annuity (FBA), lets retirees and near-retirees accumulate benefits within a single contract by making periodic contributions over time. The FBA also offers optional caregiver, surviving spouse, and legacy income benefits, as well as a cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) option.   The FBA also allows certain income benefits to be exchanged and otherwise adjusted in response to changes in a retiree’s life circumstances, according to an announcement.

The FBA provides the caregiver benefit that increases income when the annuitant and/or the spouse are unable to perform certain activities of daily living. The annuitant can elect to use this income toward the expenses of a caregiver or for other needs.

The Flexible Benefits Annuity is currently available in 47 jurisdictions, with Principal Life Insurance Company as the initial issuer.