Golden State Long-Term Care Plan Announced by MetLife

November 9, 2005 ( - MetLife has launched a new long-term care insurance program in California, offered through the workplace.

A MetLife news release said that highlights of the policies include:

  • MetLife is the only workplace provider endorsed by the California Partnership for Long-Term Care (CPLTC).
  • The MetLife/CPLTC Program can be offered as an employer-paid or voluntary benefit.
  • MetLife offers a range of options and flexible payment riders from which employees can choose.
  • Policies are designed to be tax-qualified, which could bring tax advantages to both employers and employees.
  • Benefits paid under the MetLife Partnership policy are added to Medi-Cal asset exemptions and are protected against “spend-down” rules to help secure employees’ financial future .

More information about the company is at .