GoldK Adds Equity, Bond Funds

June 25, 2002 ( - Participants in retirement plans administered by GoldK now have a wider array of investment options from which to choose.

GoldK announced that it has added five funds from Thornburg Investment Management of Sante Fe, New Mexico to its retirement plan roster.

The new funds are:

  • Thornburg Value Fund
  • Thornburg International Value Fund
  • Thornburg Core Growth Fund
  • Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund
  • Thornburg Limited Term US Government Fund

The equity funds seek to uncover companies with sound business fundamentals at a time when the market does not fully recognize their intrinsic value.  The funds typically hold 40 to 50 stocks.

The bond funds seek to optimize the risk/reward tradeoff by laddering maturities and managing yield spreads. 

Thornburg manages more than $5.2 billion for retail and institutional investors and is primarily known for its value equity style and its laddered bond portfolios.