Government Work Strong Draw for Job Seekers

November 13, 2002 ( - Seventy-four percent of job seekers would consider a government job, according to a New York Times Job Market survey.

Job seekers cited a preference of public sector jobs with the federal government (53%), followed by local (33%) and state government (29%).   Former public sector employees currently seeking jobs reported an 89% willingness to return to a government job.  

When asked which public sector positions they would consider, those jobs that held the most interest were:

  • Teachers 52%
  • Social Worker 39%
  • Intelligence agent 35%
  • Police officer 19%
  • Firefighter 14%

Provided with a list of reasons for considering specific public sector position, the positions with the greatest responses per question were:

  • Help people/make a differene – social worker 47%
  • Like working with people – social worker 42%
  • Greater potential for career growth – police officer 26%
  • Like the excitement – intelligence agent   21%
  • Good benefits – firefighter16%
  • Increasing demand for jobs in field – 11% intelligence agent

Beta Research Corporation conducted the survey through telephone interviews of 200 job seekers in the New York metropolitan area.