Grads Find Match Between Most Sought Majors, Job Slots

November 9, 2006 ( - The college majors most in demand are engineering, computer science/MIS, business (accounting, finance, and marketing), and education - and, those appear to match up with the rosiest job opportunities as well.

That’s what Experience, Inc., a provider of career services for college students and alumni, says that its annual Placement Survey shows. As far as finding jobs, new grads felt their university career center was the most effective resource, followed by direct application to the company and networking.

The median salary for full-time hires across all industries, job functions, and regions fell into the $36,000-$46,000 range.

The top paying industries, those which pay an annual salary $46,000-$55,000, included:

  • accounting,
  • biotech & pharmaceutical,
  • consulting,
  • defense,
  • energy & utilities,
  • manufacturing, and
  • technology.

However, the highest paying positions within those industries were in engineering and finance.

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