Great-West Healthcare Debuts Magazine

August 22, 2005 ( - Great-West Healthcare has introduced its new magazine on issues relating to employee health care, Trailblazer, for employee benefits managers, brokers, consultants, and health care providers.

company news release said the 40-page premier issue focuses on Consumer-Driven Health Care plans – plans that encourage employees to make more informed decisions about their care based on quality and cost.  The magazine explains the factors that employers must weigh carefully in considering a consumer-driven benefits strategy and looks at a wide range of plan features and emerging issues related to those programs.

Other feature stories in the first issue, according to the news release, include:

  • “Look Before You Leap for Greatest Success” – a look at the considerations employers should weigh in evaluating a move to consumer-driven plans.
  • “What Consumers Know and What They Don’t Know” – results of Great-West Healthcare’s exclusive consumer-attitudes survey by Harris Interactive.
  • “Will Your Employees Save for Out-Of-Pocket Costs?” – consumer savings are at a 70-year low. Will employees in CDHC plans put money aside for medical expenses?
  • “Evolutionary Product Design Offers Savings” – a study confirms the cost savings of a consumer-driven PPO that offers an alternative for employers that are not ready to introduce high-deductible plans.
  • “Focus Health and Disease Management Initiatives on the Right Employees” – disease management and wellness programs will become even more important in consumer-driven health plans, especially when the employer factors in the impact on absenteeism and presenteeism.