Guardian To Reintroduce Group Variable Annuity Product

March 23, 2004 ( - The Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc (GIAC) is reintroducing the Guardian Advantage group variable annuity.

Two significant changes were made as GIAC reentered the market.   First, the company entered into an exclusive strategic marketing and distribution alliance with Distribution Partners, LLC, to wholesale The Guardian Advantage(R) group annuity contract. Second, GIAC is looking to upgrade the online education, portfolio modeling, and risk assessment tools available to plan participants, according to a news release.

In addition, other enhancements were made to the variable annuity product over the last year.   These include adding new funds to the investment options available under the contract, multiple Web site enhancements and new software upgrades and releases.

GIAC intends to initiate new sales by June 1.   The company also said the decision to reintroduce the variable annuity has no impact on Guardian’s other defined contribution products.