Guided Choice Launches Enhanced Target Date Offering

October 26, 2006 ( - Guided Choice has announced a new target date offering that includes a broader look at the investor's financial picture and a more specific recommended savings rate.

A news release said that its Managed Accounts EZ product considers assets held outside the plan, such as pensions, and then recommends a specific savings rate to help the participant build adequate savings by the target date. The company said the product can be offered as part of an auto enrollment program.

“Most participants take the course of least resistance: they accept whatever is the default,” said GuidedChoice co-founder Harry Markowitz in the news release. “Retirement plans that default into Managed Accounts EZ allow us to select a program for the participant which will most likely better serve his or her needs than do the traditional retirement defaults.”

“Managed Accounts EZ will be built using the existing funds in a given plan, not just those offered by one provider, which will serve to control costs and administration burden,” added CEO Sherrie Grabot in the announcement.

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