Healthcare Salary Hikes Look Healthy in 2002

January 2, 2002 ( - Workers in the healthcare sector will make real economic gains in 2002 - their salaries are expected to outpace inflation this year, increasing by between 2.9% and 5.7%, according to a new survey.

In 2001 health care salaries rose by between 2.7% and 5.3%, also beating inflation by more than one percentage point, The Health Care Group’s annual Staff Salary Survey found.

According to The Health Care Group, some practices are recognizing the need to raise salaries at the higher end of the range since its still a seller’s market with respect to qualified and experienced employees in some regions of the country.

The survey found turnover to be modest in most positions, with Receptionist having the position with the highest turnover in the 32 positions examined in the study.